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2018-2019 Activities

The Collegiate Council meets twice a year. The first meeting was held in Houston, Texas on October 18-20, 2018 at Magnolia Hotel. The meeting was full of activities and unequaled experience. The Council members visited TechnipFMC, a global leader in subsea, onshore, offshore, and surface technologies. The members enjoyed the experience and qualified it as the activity they liked the most. We met multiple experts in economy and the oil and gas industry.


TechnipFMC invited the Collegiate Council to tour one of their Houston facilities. The students listened to a great presentation of the company and its goals, followed by Q&A session.


The tour at TechnipFMC was amazing. We had the opportunity to discuss with their engineers and discover technologies they are working on.


As the students took a tour of TechnipFMC, the mentors would interject bits of information about what they were seeing in order to ensure the students walked away with more knowledge than they began with. 


The students later got to take part in a panel discussion comprised on engineers who are working in different parts of the Oil & Gas industry. They were able to share their knowledge and answer questions about their transition from student life to professional life.


During our face-to-face meeting, we work together as a team on a project that is designed to support and promote the Collegiate Council.


We encourage feedback and creative thought at our meetings. Our program is meant to teach, guide, and nurture not only the engineering skills and knowledge; but your soft skills as well.


Our program prides itself on it's professionalism in both attitude and appearance. Here are two of our members dressed for success, and ready to get their head shots taken for their resumes.

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