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What is the L.E.A.D. Program?

LEAD stands for Leadership, Education And Development. LEAD is student development program sponsored by the Petroleum Division of ASME. The Petroleum Division's goal when funding this program was to provide a program to aid in the education and career development of students studying engineering. Our program is run by experienced volunteer mentors working in industry. Their aim is to educate future engineers by providing a real-world experience. This program provides a crash course in what it's like to travel and attend a business meeting, socialize with peers, and network with industry professionals. Students will participate in team building activities, industry tours and complete a group project.


The mission of ASME Petroleum Division’s L.E.A.D. Program is to expose students to ‘Mechanical Engineering’ careers with preference for Petroleum industry (via tours, speakers, mentors, and projects) and encourage participation in ASME after graduation.

The vision for ASME Petroleum Division’s L.E.A.D. Program is to offer participants the opportunity to engage with the Oil and Gas industry on a professional level, providing access to professional networking and career-enriching experiences while developing leadership, teamwork, communication, and technical skills to enhance each participant’s value-add potential to ASME Petroleum Division and future employers.

Our Vision for the future
Program Benefits
  • Shape the future of your professional society.

  • Develop skills that can be used in your career

  • Association participation looks favorable on your resume.

  • Meet other students with similar interests.

  • Learn more about what the industry has to offer.

  • Opportunity to network within the industry and build contacts that will benefit you throughout your career.

  • Fully funded trip to L.E.A.D. meetings including airfare, meals and lodging.

  • Registration fee waved for any PD sponsored meeting/event that you choose to attend during your tenure as a member of the program 

Program Format

September 1, 2023:    Application Window Closes

Late September 2023:    Students are notified of Application status (Acceptance/Rejection)

October 2023:    Virtual Welcome

October/November 2023:    First Face-to-Face meeting

-Thursday:    Travel Day/Social Mixer/Dinner

-Friday:    Welcome/Introduction to Program/Speakers, Tours, or Team-building/Dinner

-Saturday:    Project Introduction/ Speakers, Tours or Team-building/Dinner

-Sunday:    Travel Day

November 2023:    Virtual Team Call

December 2023:    Virtual Team Call

January 2023:    Virtual Team Call

February 2023:    Virtual Team Call

March 2023:    Virtual Team Call

April 2023:    Face-to-Face meeting

-Thursday:    Travel Day/Social Mixer/Dinner

-Friday:    Breakfast/Project Presentation/Lunch/Speakers, Tours, or Panel Discussions/Dinner

-Saturday:    Breakfast/Project Presentation/Lunch/ Speakers, Tours or Panel Discussions/Dinner

-Sunday:    Travel Day

This is a sample format for the program year. Dates and actual content will be provided to students once the program has been assembled each year.

Activities provided on each face-to-face trip:

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, and coffee/snack breaks when at the hotel

  • Networking opportunities with peers and LEAD mentors.

  • Speakers/Tours/Project (The only question is which day each will happen)

  • Daily Program time is expected to be between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00PM (Dinner usually wraps at 9:30PM)

Other activities could include:

  • Resume workshops

  • Professional Headshots

  • Industry Tours at Sponsor Facilities

  • Experienced Speakers from engineers working in industry.

  • Panel discussions

  • Team building activities

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