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2019-2020 Activities

The first meeting of our 2019-2020 collegiate council held in Houston, Texas on October 24-27, 2019 at Le Meridian. The meeting was full of activities and unequaled experience. The Council members visited Gyrodata, a global pioneer in drilling technologies. The visit was enjoyable as they observed the cutting-edge drilling technologies. Also, the technical session with multiple experts in the oil and gas industry offered members a very intense learning opportunity. Alongside these, the team building activities, adventure games, and team dinner made the total meeting interactive and exciting. Due to the COVID-19 issues, we are pushed to postpone our second meeting; however, our activities are still going on through five workaholic teams and two sincere interns, who are working on five important projects throughout the 2019-2020 session. Apart from annual meetings, some of the ASME PD CC members also attended the 2019 D&C Women’s Forum on November 7th, 2019 in Houston where they networked with Chevron’s engineers about their career in the oil and gas industry.


The day all of the Collegiate Council members arrived in  Houston, they were treated to an evening at "Lucky Strike", a local bowling alley and eatery. This is a social event aimed at allowing the council members to meet one and other, mingle and break the ice! 

asme picture 5.png

Bowling was an exciting part of their first meeting together! Some were competitive, others spent time teaching others to bowl; or just getting to know each other.

Copia de IMG_20191025_094817.jpg

The following morning, the team at Gyrodata allowed our students to take a tour of their facility. They shared information on their state-of-the-art technology and what their jobs look like on a daily basis. It was a great learning experience and opportunity for the students to network with professionals in the field.

Copia de IMG_20191025_133820.jpg

A Team photograph of the Collegiate Council after their Tour at Gyrodata.

asme picture 4.jpg

A representative from “Adventure Games”, explaining the rules of their team building activity. 

The team building activity was aimed at allowing the students to get an understanding of how their peers worked in groups and under pressure. Traits they would later take into consideration for their group project.


The activity grouped the council into 5 man teams. Their goal: to complete as many challenges as possible before the timer ran out. They would use an app to navigate to specific spots within downtown Houston and perform a task for points.

One of the tasks was to recreate a movie poster.. Here, is one teams impersonation of a popular movie poster. Try to guess!

asme picture 3.jpg

One of the tasks was the Mannequin Challenge. Their goal was to pick a creative pose and hold it for a certain amount of time. 


This team went with a simulated proposal. Check out this great shot!


A group shot of the entire council enjoying a team dinner  at Irma's Southwest in Downtown Houston. It was another fun part  of their event with delicious dishes and chit-chat with their peers and mentors.


ASME PD CC were invited to host a booth at the Chevron Women’s Forum. The interns Angelika Ouedraogo and Idalia Alvarado along with council member Tiffany Calcutt; attended to speak with participants about their Collegiate Council experience to listen to the forum’s attendees about their career evolution.

asme picture 2.jpg

Don Wells deep in conversation with Intern Angelika Ouedraogo, at the Chevron Womens Forum.

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