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The Collegiate Council Experience

The Collegiate Council has helped dozens of students to launch their careers and connect with industry professionals. Here are their stories.

"Being part of ASME PD CC has given me the opportunity to understand how the O&G industry works and how every company and employee collaborate to this industry. It has also given me the opportunity to be prepared for my introduction in this industry as an early career engineer. Meeting professionals in the O&G industry by the technical conferences offered by the Petroleum Division has helped me to learn from their experience in order to improve my performance and be ready for any challenge."

Tuan Nguyen

Texas A&M


"This is my second year on the ASME IPTI Collegiate Council. I applied for the collegiate council because I was interested in learning more about the oil & gas industry. As part of our project last year, I played a role in compiling contact information for mechanical engineering departments and ASME chapters across the country. This helped to grow our council and make it much more diverse this year with students from seven different universities from all over the country and Canada. I have met professionals in the industry who have given invaluable advice and insight on how to succeed. As an intern at Shell, I have worked in upstream process containment and will be moving downstream into pressure equipment this summer. The experiences that I have had on ASME IPTI Collegiate Council have prepared me for excelling in the workplace. I definitely recommend anyone who is interested to apply for the council!"

Andrew Bradt

Colorado School of Mines


"As a member of the ASME PD Collegiate Council I was able to go on site visits that the regular college student does not have the opportunity to. Through these visits and the industry contacts I made I was better prepared to enter the energy industry. The projects we worked on were meaningful and my project involved sponsoring an oilfield landmark for the ASME landmark program, it was successful and I actually went back to see the first offshore drilling rig honored by ASME. I do not know of any other program outside of work experience which affords college students the opportunities that the collegiate council does. I think the collegiate council experience can benefit any student who is interested in the energy industry or even those who may just want to learn more about it."

Adam Richmond

Colorado School of Mines


"ASME PD gave me an amazing experience with new insights and knowledge to the oil and gas industry. I feel it gave me an edge to improve my chances of acquiring an internship as well as giving me several networking opportunities. The atmosphere is professional yet fun at the same time. We had the chance to tour several Oil & Gas facilities while getting a unique experience in several cities around the US. The group members and team leaders were friendly, knowledgeable, and honest. This helped develop a safe and open atmosphere at all of our gatherings."

"The Collegiate Council was a way for me to learn more about the petroleum industry and what it has to offer. And also the council members were great and allowed me to have many contacts throughout multiple industries!"

-Tiffany Stein (2003-2004), University of Texas at Tyler

"The ASME PD Collegiate Council has provided me with the opportunity to learn about the facets of the petroleum industry and to help bring industry exposure to the students of Central Florida."

-Chris Chaffin, (2003-2004), University of Central Florida

"As someone who has interned in the Oil & Gas industry, I believe that I was able to add some insight to the group, as well as get to know some awesome people! I would join the Collegiate Council again if I wasn't graduating."

-Meghan Quiat, (2003-2004), Colorado School of Mines

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